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How Can SMS Marketing Benefit Your Business?

SMS has become an increasingly important aspect of efficient multi-channel marketing as more businesses attempt to target customers quickly and easily. Different industries have recognized the significant advantages of SMS marketing in improving corporate communication. However, its greatest promise rests in providing clients with a conversational communication experience in which they feel heard and valued.

SMS marketing is among the most effective ways to easily engage and stay in touch with your clients while also promoting your business. These days, SMS is mostly used to inform customers about ongoing promotions, special offers and discounts coupons as well as any product updates. Because of the increased use of smartphones, many companies are beginning to see the value of SMS marketing.

If your company has yet to adopt SMS marketing, continue reading this article as we’ll go over the benefits of SMS marketing in the sections below. Let’s start with why you need to use SMS for marketing.



6 Advantages of SMS Marketing




SMS marketing is among the most cost-effective of all marketing mediums. SMS marketing has something for everyone, no matter what your budget is or how small or big your company is.


For a reasonable fee, you may send bulk messages to your subscribers and see the results within minutes. You may also be able to send to one or more groups all at once. Use SMS to notify your customers about any promotions or discounts you wish to promote, which can drive a significant amount of revenue.


Has High Open Rates

Marketers are facing a decline in email open rates because users are just skipping their messages. On the other hand, SMS marketing has an open rate of 98%, outperforming not just email marketing but also almost every other marketing channel.


SMS marketing, with the addition of MMS or picture messaging capability, combines the advantages of email as well as the timeliness of SMS in your customer engagements. This way, you can give a comprehensive overview of your message, with nearly 100% open rates and quick response times on every mobile phone.


Personalized Messages

You may categorize, customise, and group your most active subscribers in order to provide them with information that has a far higher possibility of producing results. When your contacts subscribe to your list, you can easily collect their birthdays. The system will then begin sending them your personalized birthday text message on the exact date of their birthday or a few days prior to the date.


You may also be able to collect the email address and name of a new subscriber who joins your opt-in list. If you wish to promote to them via email marketing, you can gather names to customize your SMS messages and emails.


Fast And Convenient

You’ll be able to send out SMS ad campaigns with a single text message. The best thing about it is you do not need to log in to manage this procedure. Most email marketers are concerned about deliverability. They are concerned about whether their advertising strategies will be delivered or tagged as spam before their target audience has a chance to receive them.


However, with SMS marketing, this is not the case. When you press the send button, your message is instantly received on the other end. In fact, the average time between when you send your message and when clients receive it is less than 7 seconds.


Simple To Use

There are no complicated features to learn. Our messaging system is simple to use and has a straightforward design. Just determine what your message will be, type it out as if you were texting someone from your phone, add the contacts or subscribers you would like to target, then click send.


yesSMS makes it simple to use a contact management system that stores all your subscribers or contacts. In our system, you will be able to search for and manage all of your subscribers.



We provide basic delivery statistics to ensure that your messages are successfully delivered. If you want more sophisticated tracking, our system will not only show you when your messages were successfully sent, but it will also tell you how many clicks were made on a certain link so you can understand how effective your message was. You can also choose to shorten your links so that they take up less characters in your messages.


How can you use SMS Marketing?


SMS marketing techniques can be used in a wide range of industries. There are numerous ways for your company to engage customers with SMS marketing.



SMS polls, like traditional polls, always include a question for subscribers to answer. Recipients can respond to this question by simply texting back their answers. Ask them to select one answer from a list of several options for their convenience.


Companies keep certain details about a new product under wraps, giving the opportunity for speculation and rumors. The first benefit of conducting an SMS poll is that you can learn what your subscribers wish to see in your product so that you may tailor it to their needs. The second benefit is that when you listen to your customer base and put their concepts to life, you give them the feeling that they are part of the creative process, which increases their emotional connection with your brand.


Appointment Reminders

Schedule or send appointment reminders to your subscribers so that they don’t forget about a scheduled appointment. SMS automation shows that your company is good at scheduling and communication flows.


Trying to set up a booking system with SMS integration to deliver reminders at the right time can provide significant results. When changes and updates occur, an automated text message notifies all parties involved of the new date, time, location, and other details.



SMS contests are among the most efficient ways to boost aspects such as brand awareness and promote to an audience. Individuals will pay close attention to anything that offers them the possibility to earn something big.


This is why SMS in which customers enter a contest keyword has become so interesting. The keyword could be anything to help boost brand awareness, like a product name or message. The phrase will almost certainly spread to more interested parties, increasing brand awareness and expanding your list.


Use SMS contests to engage and reward your subscribers. It is an important tool for keeping the current consumers satisfied, interested, and involved in your marketing activities.


Promotional Deals

When you use a promotional SMS, you are tapping into the huge potential of SMS advertising. Consider starting an SMS campaign if you’ve got an advertising message for your primary audience.


An SMS promotion may help to increase consumer engagement and sales. If you’re a company owner who wants to engage and reach as many prospective clients as possible, you should be using SMS for advertising activities. SMS campaigns allow you to engage with your customers directly and immediately attract their attention, from launching excellent flash discounts with mobile coupons to developing a loyalty program for new clients.


Loyalty Rewards

Skip those outdated and commonly misplaced paper stamp or punch cards. Provide SMS loyalty rewards to your consumers and establish brand loyalty to keep customers satisfied and returning.


The primary reason for developing a loyalty program has always been to keep the audience engaged with your business and to increase customer retention. This means that members of your loyalty program are less inclined to choose your rival over you in their next purchase.


Including SMS messages in your loyalty program will help you retain customers while also keeping them loyal to your business. What’s to keep in mind is that, just like any other strategy, SMS must be well designed, according to best practices and paying close attention to your target demographic.


QR Codes

The area that QR codes fill between online and offline marketing is a fundamental role of their use in SMS marketing, which provides access to a wide range of advantages. The QR code may instantly drive customers to your company’s website, particularly to the URL where they can sign up for your SMS promotional campaign.


Create QR codes to connect your offline promotional campaign to the web media. Our software has QR codes for new subscribers as well as web page URLs.



SMS can be used to send many types of notifications and alerts. These include normal information about business hours, unique events at the organization, new product launches, new services, restocking alerts, specials, and even emergency notifications.


In most cases, a short message can be provided together with a shortened URL that the recipient can click on to learn more about what is offered or mentioned in the SMS alert.


Increase Your Customer Engagement With SMS Marketing!

In today’s competitive market, companies must discover creative ways to interact with their customers and build long-term customer relationships. SMS marketing is a terrific approach to communicating with your customers in a more personal way than email or social media. Contact us today at 1300 711 000 or 0411 500 700 to find out how the Power of SMS can help grow your business. 

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